The Best Base Layer is No Longer a Secret

The secret is out! Look no further than Brynje’s line of base layer garments to discover the secret to staying warm this winter.

And that’s not us saying this. SectionHiker rated Brynje’s “Fishnet” thermal long underwear 5 stars for warmth, wicking, comfort, and odor control, with only a 4 for ease of care (hint: you must hand wash Brynje garments in cold water).

From the article:

I’ve worn the wool tops and wool bottoms on numerous hikes and fat biking rides in cold weather and it’s astonishing to me how much warmer and drier I feel without needing to wear additional insulation layers.

~ Philip Werner

The article cautions that you’ll need to rethink how you dress when using Brynje as your undergarment. Instead of piling on layers of additional clothing over your base layer, you may only want to add a single mid-weight layer as you’ll get too warm. Brynje is great about trapping heat and transporting moisture, he said. The trick is providing an additional layer over your Brynje garment that helps trap heat and an outer shell to block moisture and wind.

The reviewer tested his Brynje fishnet tops and bottoms on winter hikes and fat bike rides in cold weather. Overall, they performed well and earned a place on his top shelf for undergarments. “But the mesh … doesn’t hold onto to your perspiration. … Instead, it gets passed along to your mid-layer garment, keeping your skin warm and dry while making your mid-layer garment noticeably damp. It’s a very noticeable effect”, he said.

Overall, the Section Hiker review shows Brynje as a solid base layer that can be your “secret” to staying warm this winter.

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Man riding a fat bike in the snow.

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