The Base Layer I’ve Been Looking For!

I hike, hunt, and snowshoe quite a bit, and, as we all do, tend to have short hard climbs, where we sweat, then cool, then sweat, then cool. I find myself always changing out from outer layer to base layer, trying to cool-down as needed, before sweating, and, without the hassle of stopping and changing layers.

The Brynje Merino Mesh base layer is the base layer that I’ve been looking for. I like to wear a pocketed light-weight outer shirt over the mesh Merino Wool. In the cool mornings, before I’ve warmed up on the climb, I close the shirt and the Brynje Merino wool mesh seems to hold in the needed warmth, then, as I warm up, I can open my shirt and let the air circulate around the mesh to cool down, without having to remove a layer. So now, I can just open and close my outer shirt as needed, rather than to put on or remove the outer layer. And, I am a fan of wool! This wool/poly blend is comfortable, tight fitting, without being constrictive. Come winter hunting weather, I will be looking for a long-sleeve winter version.

Hope to see you on the trail!

Wally Kimball

Brynje USA