Push yourself and your gear to the limits…

Chris, of the US  Special Forces, tested Brynje’s Super Thermo long Sleeve Shirt on 6 multi-day winter mountaineering trips. See why he says it is now the standard layering piece he uses for all winter objectives!

I was initially skeptical of the mesh concept for a base layer, but I was curious and happy to try it out. I started testing it on alpine touring trips in the Colorado backcountry. Impressed with the results, I quickly incorporated the Byrnje Shirt into my layering system for more demanding multi day winter mountaineering trips.   It is the now a standard layering piece I use for all winter objectives.

My initial skepticism was… if its so revolutionary, why isn’t every one using it. I think answer is simply fashion (you’re not going on a date with this). This product is for REAL use in extreme environments.  If you’re dressing for the ski resort “apres”, the mesh shirt may not be appropriate. However, for a multiday winter mountaineering ascent, where you’re pushing yourself and your gear to the limits, the Super Thermo truly does beat out all the other base layers.

I wear the Super Thermo underneath a long sleeve wool zip neck hooded shirt. This base layer system requires no adjustment when transitioning through levels of physical intensity through the day. I keep a shell and puffy jacket handy to layer over it when necessary.

Thank you for the opportunity to try out the Byrnje Thermo Top. This product will remain a key component in my layer system and I will be a long time customer.  I look forward to promoting your excellent apparel among my peers here in Colorado on both the civilian and military side.

US Special Forces

Brynje USA