Wish I Found This Company Years Ago!

The Balaclava is the best cycling and skiing product for both cold and warmer days. This solves the problem of dressing for the lifts and overheating on the trail. Used the balaclava several times skiing in cold and not-so-cold temps and it just works. Unlike the several other products from Patagonia, REI, Under Armor, Northface, Castelli, and Craft among others, the inner mesh layer keeps you dry and warm on the lift, and when skiing and does not get soaked. A couple of Saturdays ago I wore it while cycling in 40 degree weather with cross head and tail winds and planned on a 12-15 mile ride but was so comfortable, rode for over 30 miles. Usually overheat on the hills and into the wind, and freeze with the tailwind on your neck and back but the balaclava hood under the helmet and mesh base shirt was comfortable all day.

Today skied in total comfort in cold conditions with the mesh wool base t-shirt, wool zip t-neck and balaclava and did not get soaked. After using the first two products, ordered more because after years searching for the right combination of base layers and next-to-base layers, Brynje products are the solution. Wish I found this company years ago.

Thanks from Ed, an old guy who likes to ride my bike and ski.

Brynje USA